Winners – section

We have been awarded the best in building award for the the best use of solid surface material.

Printed glass door won CRBRA best in building award

This technology uses long-lasting and vibrant ceramic ink to create high-precision digital prints on glass. In simple terms, you can take any graphic, picture, pattern, or piece of art and embed the design into a piece of glass during the tempering process. The results are stunning and will last a lifetime!

Printed glass backsplash within bathroom is CRBRA NY winner

As designers, we are often constrained by limitations. But with glass printing, you can choose from rustic wood, granite, mosaic tile, artwork, or if you prefer, purple granite with fresh strawberries on it. Anything is possible.

You can print any design and embed it into glass.
No longer do design limitations exist. If you can dream it, we can print it.

Custom printed glass countertop on bathroom vanity

At first, it may be difficult to believe that all design constraints are gone! But believe it. Anything you can create in photoshop can be printed into glass and installed for applications such as:

- Backsplashes
- Countertops
- Doors
- Wall art
- Shower enclosures
- Wine cellar enclosures
- Signage
- Outdoor glass facades
- Wall decorations

We have a passion for glass. We will share this new and exciting technology in upcoming workshops with designers and architects.

Glass is beautiful when done with Precision!