Shower Enclosures

Amazing Shower Enclosures
Grid glass shower enclosure within bathroom

The tiles you see are actually not tiles. They are printed and embedded into the glass!

The black frame you see isn’t a hard-to-clean metal frame. It’s digital in-glass printing made to look like metal.

Imagine: we can print anything you desire—
your home will be like no other!

Frameless Shower Enclosures
Custom glass frameless shower door within in bathroom

Frameless shower enclosures are the premium choice for any bathroom.

Keep in mind that this option requires blocking to give the door and/or panels a secure mounting substrate. “Blocking” is the presence of solid wood studs behind the wall that are in line with the threshold.

Frameless glass doors and panels come in a wide variety of thicknesses. The glass width is customized to meet your shower’s needs.

Most walls are not perfectly level, so the door must be designed to match your wall. Our experts will come to your house to precisely measure your shower.

We do everything with Precision. So should you!

Frameless Shower Enclosures are beautiful when installed by Precision

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosure
Custom semi-framed glass shower door within bathroom

Semi-Frameless shower enclosures are a great choice when blocking is not available.

Semi-Frameless doors can be designed with many configurations, including sliding doors.

We do everything with Precision. So should you!

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures are beautiful when installed by Precision

Framed Shower Doors…
Custom framed shower door installed within bathroom

Framed shower enclosures come in multiple configurations. They can be installed in a shower or on top of a bathtub. They are lightweight and are great value.

We install shower enclosures for every budget, and we do it with Precision.


What is the process for getting a beautiful custom shower?

All our showers are custom-made and installed. As a result, the entire process will take about 4 weeks from start to finish.

Anticipated timeline:

StartYou accept the quote with a 50% down payment.

+1 dayWe call you to schedule measuring your shower during normal working hours.

+3 daysWe come to your house and measure all the details for your new shower.

+2 daysYour designer verifies the measurements to make sure the design will work.

+10 daysWe have your shower custom-made and call you to schedule installation.

+4 dayWe install your new shower and collect the remaining 50% payment.

+20 daysIt’s all done, and you have a beautiful new shower1.

Important issues for you to consider?

• We can only measure once your shower is sheet-rocked and tiled. As every element is custom-made, this is a necessity and assures you get a perfectly-fitting shower.

• If you are getting a frameless shower, “blocking” is required. “Blocking” is the presence of solid wood studs behind the wall to fasten the hinges. Without proper blocking, we may have to modify the shower to a different type.

• The typical installation time will be around 2 hours (more or less depending on complexity).

• As this is a custom product, orders cannot be canceled and are binding.

• We guarantee our work and will make sure you are happy with the product we have installed.

• Once you place the order, all communication regarding scheduling is exclusively done by our scheduling department. The direct number is 518-346-6027. We have found that the best way to communicate scheduling is texting. However, we will respect your preferences.

1 Your lack of flexibility to schedule measurements during normal working hours may slow down the process.

We are looking forward to making this a positive and seamless experience for you.

Functionality Checklist

We have installed over 10,000 showers and learned a thing or two. It’s the little things that make the difference. We want to make sure that we design the best possible shower we can. To do so, we ask you at the beginning to provide us with 2-3 pictures of your current setup. This will minimize mistakes in the design process. The more we know, the better we can serve you.

Shower functionality checklist:

• Did you provide a picture to us of the shower to be enclosed?

• Can the shower door be opened without touching an obstacle?

• Can the water be turned on without getting wet?

• Is the position of the shower head such that water is likely to leak out?

• Is the door opening sufficient to get in and out easily?

• Is the towel bar easily reachable once you get out of the shower?

• Is the setup convenient for older people?

• Is the setup convenient for smaller children?