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How can you identify a tidy person? We will give you a clue about the way they establish order in their house; when you put a foot inside of their place, you immediately will feel neat and clean, and one of the places they are proud of is their closets. So if you want to master closet organizing, you must keep reading this blog. 

Whether your closet is too small or too difficult to dive in, we will share essential tips that will help you to bring order. Nothing better than having a closet organized that brings you peace every morning, and never forget: It is possible to get organized, regardless of your closet size!

Keep reading to get that crisp, organized look in your closet, get ready to pull out those storage containers, and make the magic happen.

4 steps to organize your closet like a pro

If you reach here, we want to congratulate you on deciding to organize your closet. We know how daunting it can be, but we will divide the organization process into five simple steps to make things easier.

1. Define Your Limits

You must be clear about the size of your closet to start storing your clothes. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need everything visible and easily accessible, and a great way to do that is through categorization. 

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Our first tip to master closet organizing is to categorize based on the lifestyle you live and the storage you own. This tip will not only make it easier to access the outfit of the day but makes keeping up with the overall system regardless of the size or design of the space. 

2. Curate and Donate 

Once you have, whether in mind or a list, all the things that you frequently use and are part of every day, you probably will notice that there are some clothes that you have not worn since a long time ago. This is when the second tip of closet organizing comes: is the crucial moment of letting things go. 

You do not have to fill your closet with "just in case clothes", if you aren’t using it and add clutter to your life you have to get rid of it as soon as possible. It will be difficult but focus on the positive impact you will have in others' life when donating, and also yours when having clear space for your essentials and new additions to your closet.

3. Drawers and Hangs are Your Best Friends

Now that you know your limits, the spaces available, and have categorized your essential clothes, it is time to organize! The third tip to master closet organizing is defining a hanging and drawing system. 

Put the right items in drawers. The right items are those like sweaters, jackets, coats  (particularly the heavy ones), t-shirts, tank tops, and/or jeans; these should be folded and kept in drawers, this will help you to maximize your closet space.

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To the hanging part, it would be even better if you divided it by type, color, or season. This gives a look of harmony and also will be easier for you to find what to wear in a hurry day.

4. Out of Season, Out of the Closet 

As much as you may love tropical prints and vibrant colors in the summer, clothing that you only wear one or two seasons out of the year, takes up valuable closet real estate. Store your seasonal items out of sight so you can fully enjoy your closet’s offerings for the current season. This will increase the space (both physically and mentally) and help you keep clothes and accessories organized. 

However, remember that not all pieces are relegated to one season. At the beginning of each season, review your clothes to make sure you still like them before hanging them up. When the season is over, pack away all the clothes you won't be using for the rest of the year and wait for the next time to reuse them.

We hope this guide helps you on how to master closet organizing. This is very short but powerful step-by-step to make your space look brand new. Does not matter if you are a pro on organizing spaces or a beginner, we are sure you will nail it if you read it until the end!

If you need more advice to make your closet organized, Contact us! Our team will be happy to answer your questions and provide a plan to get started with your project.

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