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Have you ever thought about how many times a day you close and/or open the doors in your house? Despite being used several times per day, we often overlook maintaining or changing the doors in our properties. To add, we’re sure you will agree, your shower door didn’t cross your mind at all when answering our initial question. 

Our shower doors are exposed to water, humidity, soap, and germs. When properly maintained, your shower enclosure, on average, can last between twenty to thirty years. In other words, you’ll eventually have to replace it, especially if you didn’t follow the best practices to preserve it or are simply interested in giving your bathroom a fresh, new look. 

Assuming you’re not thinking about the latest and that your shower door has served you long enough, you’re probably asking yourself how you’ll realize it’s actually time to replace your shower enclosure. Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll share three things you should watch out for when  investing in your bathroom. 

Your Shower Door Isn’t At Its Best

One of the most obvious ways of knowing your shower doors needs a revamp is listening. Do you have a squeaky door? This is often a sign that your door hinges have dirt and moisture. As mentioned before, shower doors are exposed to various elements. These accumulate in the door hinges, especially when you don't clean them often.

Creaks can also signal that your door doesn't fit properly anymore. Shower doors should be ⅛ mm aways from the bathroom tiles. Installers leave this gap because, through time, high temperatures from steamed showers and the summertime will cause your glassdoors to expand. As your shower door expands, you'll notice that closing the door all the way isn't possible anymore.

Whether your previous shower door installer didn't leave the needed gap between the door and tiles or your shower enclosure is constantly exposed to high temperatures, you'll spot these signs easily. 

The Metal Frame, Hinges or Handle of Your Shower Enclosure Are Rusty 

Regardless of the shower enclosure style you have -frameless, semi-frameless, or framed-, it will always need metal parts to hold the glass door and function correctly. Depending on the type of metal -stainless steel, aluminum, or brass- it might take less or more time to oxidate. 

There are specific cleaning hacks you can try to eliminate rust, including:

  •  Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on the rusted spots
  •  Covering the metal with a paste made of baking soda and water for 20 minutes
  • Spraying the rusted area with lemon juice and adding salt.

Nonetheless, if the metal oxidation is advanced, you will probably need to change your shower door's frame, hinges, or door handles. Similarly, if you notice rust is not the only issue your shower enclosure has, you’ll have to consider a complete replacement.

The Shower Glass Door Is Cracked or Discolored

Similar to your shower enclosure’s metal parts, the glass door will eventually need to be replaced. After being exposed to germs, dirt, hard water, skin cells, soap, and humidity, it's no surprise that mold and mildew build up on your shower doors -as well as tiles. All these bacteria cause discoloration as well as health issues.

On the other hand, shower enclosures require proper handling. Tempered glass may crack if you open your shower door abruptly. Luckily, these doors won't represent an immediate hazard if mishandled because they don't break into pieces. Instead, they shatter. However, a cracked shower glass that is continuously exposed to hot and cold temperatures can eventually explode.

Are You Ready for a Shower Door Replacement for Your Property in Upstate, NY?

A shower enclosure that looks new and clean can undoubtedly change the looks of your bathroom. There are many ways to prevent your shower enclosure from damaging before its useful life. We highly recommend giving proper maintenance to the tempered glass door in your bathroom. 

However, if you spot a mix of the signs we shared, it may be time to consider a shower enclosure replacement. Rusty, moldy, or cracked shower doors represent a hazard for the health and safety of your and your loved ones. 

Here at Precision Upstate, we offer a wide variety of shower enclosure styles to suit your needs and budget, from frameless glass doors to framed shower enclosures and everything in between. With more than 25,000 satisfied customers, we’re known for doing everything with precision. Don’t take our word for it. Instead, please look at what our previous clients have to say, and contact us to hire professional help. 

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