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The pandemic has changed how we live, think, work, and build relationships. Spending more time at home and not being able to experience the outside world increased the tendency for sustained building materials, multifunctional spaces, and bringing nature into our homes. From decks to bathrooms, interior design trends are now pointing at being more organic, environmentally friendly.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the top interior design trends that are already making a difference in this post-pandemic world.

1.   Bringing Nature Inside

Millennials' care for mother nature has marked this new century. But being isolated has sped things up. Bringing wellness into our daily, hectic life has become more important, including being in touch with nature while at home.

Natural colors such as ocher, yellow, terracotta, or green mixed with the subtle use of golden metal create a warm, bright and sophisticated space. Additionally, using light wood tones and clean lines for your furniture, including your custom closet, tables, and doors, will add to this trend's sense of freedom and purity.

As an extra touch, more and more homeowners are using natural plants to decor their homes, complementing the sophisticated, environmentally friendly look.

2.   Using Sustainable Materials

Besides millennials overall, many designers and well-known industry leaders are moving towards a green approach. This is why marble in kitchens and bathrooms is a trend that’s rapidly spreading across the globe.

Besides having green properties, marble can give your space a luxurious, intimate look. Additionally, this stone is easy to maintain, durable, and waterproof.

3.   Adding Chubby Furnitures

Many furniture designers are dropping the traditional, skinny look for chubby/curved furniture, including tables, chairs, couches, and lamps. People associate curved lines with comfort, so this change in design aims to give a cozy look to the place where we spend most of our time: our home.

If you want to give your walk-in closet a modern look and wish to add something extra to add personality to your space, a chubby chair might be a good idea.

4.   Doing Business With Local Businesses

People are leaning towards buying from local vendors, and therefore, supporting their communities. The interior design industry isn’t the exception, so more renowned designers buy locally to decorate their clients’ homes.

Precision Is Also About Adapting

The interior design industry is constantly evolving according to people’s preferences and behavior. And, with it, Precision Upstate adapts its products according to what’s trending. If you’re looking for a custom closet designer and installer, let us know! Our catalog and personalized solutions can adapt to the current home design trends to give your room the modern look you want.

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