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Long gone are the days when we commuted to work. The pandemic has shown many business owners and entrepreneurs that having a physical office isn’t necessary to succeed. Instead, some businesses are hunting talent nationwide and relying on fully remote jobs for a more varied workforce. 

This new trend has boosted the need for home office spaces that encourage us to be fully involved with our work while being so close to our beds and all other distractions at home. This blog will share three home office design ideas to can help you increase productivity while working from home.

Think About Storage

Some people are used to read eBooks and save files online. However, others prefer traditional things: they buy physical books, keep a print copy of their files and take notes manually. And, even if you’re techier, you’ll still need storage space to keep your chargers, headphones, or external memory out of sight.

Depending on your preferences and needs, you’ll always require drawers and/or organizing space to keep a decluttered home office — plus, if you keep your storage space organized, you can use it as a background during video meetings. 

Do you need custom home office design and installation? Take a look at our portfolio here!

Keep Your Office Supplies and Books Organized

It's easy to let papers and books pile up on our desks, especially during those busy days when we're just back to back in meetings. If you've invested in storage space, use it! Make sure to assign drawers for your documents and create a system to differentiate them based on their content. Likewise, keep your books organized and put them back on their shelves after you're done reading/using them.

Create a Nice Background

You’ll probably have many video meetings while working from home. Make sure you have a professional-looking background for your video meetings. Some homeowners keep things more simple and use light colors such as baby blue, grey, or white. Others add a painting, a wallpaper, or a focal wall to their office and use it as background.

If you want custom wall art, let us know! We can print any motive, picture, or design on a piece of glass for a unique home office background.

Get a View

As a best practice, experts recommend taking a break from five to ten minutes long every thirty minutes to boost performance. They recommend looking at long-distance objects/views during your break time, so your eye muscles relax. Try locating your home office near a window or close to an open space that allows you to rest your mind and eyes, and let fresh ideas easily flow.


Designing your home office should be an easy and fun project with the right team by your side. Aesthetics should meet functionality to help your work motivation, productivity, and performance be at their best. 

If you need help creating your home office reach out to our team! We have vast experience designing and installing home office furniture that adapts to our client’s needs and style.

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