When building a
home or

Time is of the

On the surface it looks like  we are in the closet & shower installation business. In reality we are in the business of dealing with ever changing timelines, adapting and adjusting on a moments notice. And we accomplish it!

We have invested in new technology to increase flexibility

IT systems that help us gage demand well before its happening

15 trucks give us scale second to none in Upstate NY

Most of our trucks now have 2 cross trained installers

Proactive and professional communication

Starting in November 2018 you will notice the following

  • less mistakes
  • more flexibility
  • more responsive
  • more professional

Don’t get us wrong, we are still going to make a mistake here and there. We will never be perfect…

..but…we are on a mission and in pursuit of being the best designer and installer of custom closets, mirrors and glass in Upstate New York.

Our conviction is we say what we do and we do what we say

We are fully aware that lately we have been overwhelmed with business volume and sometimes could not deliver the service that makes us proud and you happy.

We are looking forward to our next phase of evolution as a company and hope you will give us a try…call this number 518-631-5831

For more information about us please go to about us