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Bathrooms aren’t the first thing we notice when we visit a home or business, but they indeed leave a lasting impression. From how they look to their hygiene, bathrooms should invite us to take care of ourselves. 

In this blog, we’ll share 4 bathroom makeover ideas to transform your personal space into a place that just makes you want to stay a little while.

1. Add a Floating Vanity

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Besides giving a more contemporary look to your bathroom, floating vanities allow your tiles to extend throughout the space, making the room look bigger. You’ll also space under the custom closet for more storage options. And, as a plus, cleaning your bathroom will be much easier. All in all, floating vanities can be a great addition to your bathroom makeover.

2. Install a Shower enclosure

Shower enclosures enhance the look of your bathroom in the blink of an eye. They make the space look trendy, elegant, and bigger because they allow natural light inside and accentuate all other designs elements in the room.

With Precision Upstate by your side, you can choose from a variety of shower enclosures, including frameless, semi-framed, and framed shower enclosures, as well as frameless barn door sliders.


3. Change Your Bathroom Mirror

If you’re on a budget, changing your mirror is a cost-efficient choice. You would be amazed at how different the space can look with a new mirror. This minor tweak will boost the look of your bathroom times ten, whether you choose a frameless, lighted, or framed mirror.

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4. Change your Countertop

Your bathroom countertop can leave a long-lasting impression. If you’ve added or changed your shower enclosure, you can switch to a modern countertop that matches your new style. At Precision Upstate, we have glass countertop solutions - our team can print any pattern or image on your countertop glass to enhance the look of your bathroom.


Give these four tips a chance, and you’ll see how different your bathroom will look. As you redesign, think about your personal preferences, daily routine, and needs, so your bathroom is fully customized for this space’s most important guest: yourself.

If you need help redesigning your bathroom, contact us! Our team will be glad to help you transform your space!

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